NASA Study Says That Civilization May Collapse Soon

Climate change as well as the uneven distribution of wealth and resources is pushing civilization towards its own demise. This has been revealed by a recent study commissioned by NASA.

Collapse of civilization

The disparity in the wealth of the common people and that of the elites has increased sharply over the past few decades. A little few have become unbelievably rich, controlling a major portion of the world’s resources; while the vast majority is impoverished, has to struggle hard for basic necessities and in some cases, is bereft of the most essential things.

However, that doesn’t budge the corporations or the governments. Neither does the fact that uneven distribution of wealth, beyond a certain point, is not sustainable at all. For those who have been denying this all along, a recent NASA study is a true eye-opener. The study suggests that things need to change or civilization, as we know it, is prone to collapse.

The study further reveals that the rise and fall of civilizations is not something extraordinary. It has been happening throughout human history and is like a cycle. The civilized world today is moving towards its fall, after witnessing a significant rise.

The study considered five critical factors which are absolutely pertinent to a civilization. These included agriculture, water, energy, climate and population. All these factors are positioning such that they are stretching the ‘resources due to the strain placed on the ecological carrying capacity.’ In simpler words, the resources around the globe need to be somewhat more evenly distributed.

This collapse of civilization is avoidable, says the study, if immediate measures are taken to change things. The messages needs to reach across to the corporations and governments who are not listening right now. With the impending environmental doom as the result of climate change and this warning of the collapse of civilization, the future doesn’t seem very rosy for mankind.

Source: The Guardian

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