Concept Of Recycling Came From Human Ancestors, 300,000 Years Ago

If you consider recycling is a concept produced by modern science, then I’d say you better think again. According to some archaeologists, concept of recycling have come from human ancestors.

Human Ancestors Recycling Objects

Scientists have various ways to determine whether or not a thing has been recycled. They can find direct evidence of retouching and reuse, or they can look at the object’s patina – a progressive discoloration that occurs once the thing is exposed to the elements. However, after observing some instruments, some archaeologists have felt that those have been reused by cavemen in caves in Spain and North Africa.

According to those archaeologists, our prehistoric ancestors learned to recycle the objects they utilized in their everyday life 1.3 million years back. Early hominids – such as Homo erectus, Neanderthals and other species – used to gather discarded or broken applications manufactured of flint and bone to build new utensils, just as we recycle paper. On the other hand, researchers have traced 19 dwelling kinfolk of Ötzi the Iceman whose 5, three hundred-year-old physique was identified frozen in the Alps.

However, recycling was common not only among early individuals but among our evolutionary predecessors this kind of as Homo erectus, Neanderthals and other species of hominids. Scientists believe that the early look of recycling highlights its job as a essential survival technique. They also believe that ‘systematic recycling’ happened half a million years in the past.

Source: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: AP

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