Diamond Armor: Batman-Style Bulletproof Man’s Suit With Cutting-Edge Tech

The suits of superheroes like Batman and Iron Man were once purely science fiction, but they are increasingly inspiring similar creations in the real world. Diamond Armor, for instance, is a Batman-style $3.2 million suit which packs many features.

Diamond Armor

So what is it about this suit that makes it worth such a hefty price tag? Diamonds, apparently. The suit has been developed by a company based in Zurich, Suitart. According to this company, the Diamond Armor packs 880 black diamonds embedded in its fabric, together with another 600 black diamonds along the lapels and stitching.

That’s only the beginning. The jacket buttons are created from steel which, in turn, is embedded with 280 more black stones. While that’s the fancy side of the suit, there’s also a more useful, tech side. It is bullet proof, providing a level II protection classification. This classifications means that it can take bullets from pistols ranging from 9mm to .57 Magnums without letting you get any damage. Naturally, if heavy weaponry gets involved, you better give up the diamonds and run.

Another cool feature of the suit is its built-in air conditioning. The system can apparently be activated through the simple push of the button and the suit literally starts cooling you. The feature is particularly useful if you like brandishing those diamonds at odd places.

The suit comes with a 24-carat gold-woven tie and a silk lining which has been printed with a painting by Luciano Goizueta, a notable Costa Rican artist. In all, this suit is certainly a piece of art and tech. However, the $3.2 million price tag means that it is primarily meant for those who are at least as rich as Bruce Wayne in real life.

Source: Suitart
Courtesy: CNET

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