Earthquake Creates A New Island Near Pakistan’s Shoreline

An earthquake of magnitude 7.7 recently hit Pakistan, with its epicenter at the remote town of Awaran. The catastrophe struck the hardest in the province of Baluchistan where more than 150 people have been reported dead. As a result of the earthquake, a new island has emerged near Pakistan’s shoreline.

pakistan new island

The creation of the island is a natural phenomenon, occurring when the tectonic plates collide and cause earthquake. The island in question has emerged nearly two kilometers from the coast near Gwadar. According to the reports, it is nearly 30 feet high and about 100 meter in diameter.

According to seismology experts, this is not entirely unusual given the fact that the magnitude of the earthquake was immense. The shocks of the earthquake were felt not only in Karachi which is significantly removed from Baluchistan but also in parts of India.

Sadly, the remote town of Awaran, which was the epicenter of the earthquake, has sustained significant damage. Nearly 30% of the homes have fallen in the town and many lives have been lost. So far, the authorities are still aggregating the estimation of the losses. According to the United States Geological Survey, more than 1,000 people are feared dead given the sheer force of the earthquake.

Courtesy: Express Tribune

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