Scientists Believe Einstein Was Very Right About Gravitational Waves

Albert Einstein, who died in 1955, is considered one of the most intelligent people and the best scientists ever lived  in the universe. However, during his lifetime, he predicted in his General Theory of Relativity that gravitational waves are speculated to be “an echo of the big bang [sic] in which the universe came into existence 14bn year ago.” Many researchers as well as scientists were not satisfied to this theory, but interestingly major researchers believe that Einstein was right about gravitational waves.

Albert Einstein

Einstein established many laws of physics theoretically, which later turned out to be true practically. One of his theories that he established during his lifetime was Neutrinos can’t travel faster than light and the theory turned out to be true, although some researchers later tried to prove it wrong. However, in his General Theory of Relativity, Einstein predicted about gravitational waves.

Lately it’s been reported that next week, American scientists will announce the detection of gravitational waves which incredibly carry energy across the void of the universe at a press conference which is scheduled to be held at 12:00 noon EDT, on Monday, March 17, at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Supernova SN 2006gy

Hiranya Peiris, a cosmologist from University College London has said, “If they do announce primordial gravitational waves on Monday, I will take a huge amount of convincing. But if they do have a robust detection … Jesus, wow! I’ll be taking next week off.”

That’s not all. Prof. Andrew Jaffe, a cosmologist from Imperial College, London, has said, “If a detection has been made, it is extraordinarily exciting. This is the real big tick-box that we have been waiting for. It will tell us something incredibly fundamental about what was happening when the universe was 10-34 seconds old.”

Note that, being a great scientist, many researchers had one query: “How a normal human being (Einstein) had such intelligence?” And after analyzing Einstein’s brain, researchers discovered that Einstein had unusual feature at the right somatosensory cortex in his brain.

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