Scientists Publish First Catalog Of All Proteins In Human Body

Proteins are a key part of our physical composition and their creation is controlled directly by our DNA. This explains the interest of the scientists some of which are now publishing the first-ever catalog of all proteins so far discovered in human body.


Every gene in our body has is meant to create proteins. The creation of the proteins is often instructed by the DNA, which makes their presence all the more intriguing. This is precisely why scientists are publishing the human proteome, a compilation of all the proteins in a human body.

The publication will be a result of the works of two teams of scientists. One of these teams studied samples from 17 organs of nine people, trying to discern different types of proteins. 72 scientists from all over the globe participated in this effort, resulting in the cataloging of proteins made by 17,294 genes, including 2535 such genes which were previously unknown or little known in the world of medical science.

Another team, comprising of 22 scientists in Germany was able to identify proteins made by 18,097 unique genes. These unique genes were found to create a total of 86,771 different kinds of proteins.

Typically, scientists have long held that certain portions of DNA contain instructions about the creation of proteins while the rest of the portions are non-coding portions. The fresh research by the two teams has resulted in the identification of 193 such portions of DNA which were previously thought to be non-coding. In other words, these portions have been found to contain instructions about creating proteins.

These findings are very significant because they show that a lot more information is to be had when it comes to proteins within the human body. And so, we may expect the proteome catalog to expand and improve over the coming years.

You can view the data from the two teams at the following online databases: Human Proteome Map and ProteomicsDB.

Courtesy: Pop Sci

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