First Human Patient Implanted With Carmat’s Artificial Heart

Carmat‘s artifical heart has been around for a while, having won legal health approval in a number of countries. Now, the first bioprosthetic heart from the company has been implanted in a human patient for the first time ever.

Carmat artificial heart

Since the company is based in France, it is only befitting that the first patient to get Carmat‘s artificial heart hails from France. The procedure was performed on December 18th and so far, the patient is doing really well without any complications.

French Health Ministry, which had initially been cautious of approving the new artificial heart, has now been quick to eulogize the success. According to the Health Minister, “This news brings great pride to France.┬át shows we are pioneers in healthcare, that we can invent, that we can carry an innovation that will also bring great hope to plenty of people.”

Carmat’s CEO, Marcelo Conviti, has also commented on the operation, although his statement was quite carefully worded. According to him, “We are delighted with this first implant, although it is premature to draw conclusions given that a single implant has been performed and that we are in the early postoperative phase.”

The unique thing about Carmat’s artificial heart is that it comprises of not only artificial components but also sections of cow tissue. In terms of weight, it is three times heavier than a human heart and is touted as safe for use up to five years since implant. Currently, the heart is priced at some $195,000 although it is expected that now that it has reached a postoperative stage, the prices may see a significant drop.

Source: Carmat

Courtesy: The Verge

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