Researchers Grow Glowing Plants To Provide Natural Lighting Without Electricity

We have already seen sheep that can glow in the dark. We have found a similar story now, only this time it is about glowing plants. A team of researchers has launched a crowdsourcing campaign to grow glowing plants!

Glowing Plant

The Glowing Plant team will use synthetic biology to infuse Arabidopsis, a small flowering plant related to mustard and cabbage with DNA specifically designed to cause the plant to glow. As the DNA cannot be inserted directly into the plant, so the team will inject the DNA into a type of bacteria that can insert itself into the plant. The bacteria is kept inside a solution, into which the seeds of the plant are dipped. Once planted, the seeds will grow like a normal plant would, but unlike a normal plant, the grown result will glow.

People from the U.S. who would back the project with $40 or more by June 7, 2013, will be sent 50 to 100 seeds, so they can cultivate the glowing crop in their own backyard. In addition, they will get a book with full instructions on how to properly grow and care for the plant. On the other side, by donating $120, they’ll get a glowing plant already grown.

Note that the seeds will never be sold commercially, so the only chance ever to get the seeds is through donating $40 or more at Kickstarter. If you are in the Sunnyvale, CA area, you can meet up with the team at BioCurious on Monday evenings. Besides, interested people can follow them on Twitter or Facebook or follow the developments on their blog.

Source: Kickstarter

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