Science Proved Hugging Trees Is Good For Health

You might have seen some people hugging trees and later, you might have thought that they were mad. But isn’t it possible that they knew something for which they hugged trees but you didn’t? Well, science has proved that hugging trees is good for health.

Man hugs Tree

Science has confirmed that hugging trees can beneficially affect human health by altering vibrational frequency. Matthew Silverstone, the writer of the book called Blinded by Science, has mentioned that trees and their healthful benefits includes their effect on mental illnesses, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), concentration levels, reaction times, depression, and the ability to alleviate headaches.

girl hugging tree

According to countless studies cited within the book, children show extreme psychological and physiological effects in term of improved health and well-being when they interact with plants. It was recorded that children function better cognitively and emotionally in green environments and have more creative play in green areas. In fact, it’s been reported that “access to nature can significantly contribute to our mental capability and well being.”

Silverstone has shown that the vibrational properties of trees and plants offer benefits to health. When one touches a tree, its different vibrational pattern will affect various biological behaviors within the body. For more, hit the link below.

Source: True Activist

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