Human Body Just Needs Better Instructions To Kill Cancer

Cancer harms the body when damaged cells divide uncontrollably to form lumps or masses of tissue. However, when Cancer occurs, the affected people go the hospital or doctor for further treatment. But lately, a study has revealed that human body just needs better instructions to kill cancer instead of going anywhere or to anybody for treatment.

Cancer Cell

The cancer cells are actually not invaders. They are our own cells which gets turned against us. That means, the human body usually doesn’t see these cells as a threat. But over the last few years, scientists have been programming peoples’ immune systems to recognize and destroy cancer.

But scientists have found that if human body is given better instructions, then the body itself can kill cancer. In an experiment, when two leukemia (cancer) patients did everything to eradicate cancer from their body, but failed, at then scientists told them to follow some instructions strictly. And they did that. As a result, the following 2-year (still counting), they lived a cancer-free life, although they still had cancer.

According to scientists, in this way, lung cancer and prostate cancer can be prevented.

Source: PopSci


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