Mother Fights For Miracle Son With Half A Brain

Even if the whole world leaves a child, a mother usually don’t leave her child’s side, no matter what. Rather mothers stick with their child and never back track fighting against the whole world for her beloved child. Sixty four-year old mother Eva Ohnesorge is one of the burning examples of such a mother. She is fighting for her 32-year old miracle son Philip Ohnesorge who has half a brain!

Philip Ohnesorge With His Mother Eva Ohnesorge

During his childhood, Philip was unable to speak and suffered terrible fits and seizures. Doctors found that half of the brain (right side) of Philip was damaged. The doctors considered the right side brain “incurable” and mentioned that the condition of Philip’s brain would turn “worse” with age. After hearing this, Philip’s mother Eva didn’t lose her heart, rather she started battling against medical opinion.

In 1989, Eva found a surgeon who said if the right side of Philip’s brain is removed, then Philip might start talking. But there was a negative impact too – Philip could die if the operation is not successful. However, Philip’s mother took the risk with her 9-year old son. The surgeon removed the right side of Philip’s brain. Philip, who had never uttered a word before the surgery, started to speak in sentences after the operation. Undoubtedly, this was a great victory. But right now, Eva is facing a new challenge for his half brained son, which is even bigger than the earlier.

Philip is suffering from a rare illness called Sturge-Weber syndrome. Eva is fearing that her son’s eyesight could be damaged as the port wine stain is spreading. If proper treatment can’t be delivered in due time, Philip could go blind. At this moment, Philip needs special laser treatment to control the growth. Eva has already spent £150,000 on medical care for her son, but now she can’t afford further expenses for her son’s treatment. Though she had sent NHS “photographs; all the evidence; reports about how important the laser treatment” was, the NHS refused to pay for the treatment “as there was insufficient evidence of clinical exceptionality.” Rather, NHS informed EVA “nothing could be done” and advised her “to forget it.”

But Eva has not stopped. She is still trying to provide her miracle half-brain son special laser treatment through alternative funding source. Do you have the heart to stand beside Eva and Philip?

Source: Telegraph

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