Nasa Releases First Images From WISE Sky Probe

NASA has just released the first set of beautiful images taken by its Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or Wise, which has been up and running since January. Wise is scanning the skies looking for comets, among other celestial objects. The comets can give scientists information about the birth of our solar system. It’ll also search for asteroids and cool stars known as brown dwarfs.

“All these pictures tell a story about our dusty origins and destiny,” said Peter Eisenhardt, Wise project director at Nasa in California.

“Wise sees dusty comets and rocky asteroids tracing the formation and evolution of our solar system. We can map thousands of forming and dying solar systems across our entire galaxy.

“We can see patterns of star formation across other galaxies, and waves of star-bursting galaxies in clusters millions of light years away,” he explained.

Source: BBC News.

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