Archaeologists Claim Neanderthals Were Organized And Tidy, Even 30,000 Years Ago!

Neanderthals are considered one of the eminent human ancestral groups. In fact, they were similar to early modern humans but belonged to a separate human sub-species. However, many of us believe that Neanderthals were unorganized, untidy, brutish and messy cavemen, but interestingly, lately some archaeologists have discovered that Neanderthals used to keep their homes organized and tidy.

Neanderthals Kept Their Homes Organized And Tidy

Neanderthals were vanished around 30,000 years ago. Therefore at present world, it’s quiet impossible to know how they used to live life and keep their homes. But luckily, archaeologists from the University of Colorado have discovered an ancient cave shelter at Riparo Bombrini, a collapsed rock shelter in Northwest Italy where both Neanderthals and, later, early humans lived for thousands of years. Archaeologists became astonished when they found solid evidences that Neanderthals used to live in an organised way and used to keep their houses tidy – much in the same way as modern humans do.

Ancient Cave Shelter In West Italy

Archaeologists found the site comprises three levels assigned to Neanderthals. Neanderthals divided the cave into different areas for different activities. The top level was used as a task site – likely a hunting stand – where they could kill and prepare game. The middle level was a long-term base camp and the bottom level was a shorter term residential base camp. Archaeologists also found many stone made tools immediately inside the mouth of the cave’s bottom level, suggesting that tool production took place there to take advantage of available sunlight.

Dr Julien Riel-Salvatore, from the University of Colorado, who led the research, said: ‘There has been this idea that Neanderthals did not have an organised use of space, something that has always been attributed to humans. But we found that Neanderthals did not just throw their stuff everywhere but in fact were organised and purposeful when it came to domestic space. This is still more evidence that they were more sophisticated than many have given them credit for. If we are going to identify modern human behaviour on the basis of organised spatial patterns, then you have to extend it to Neanderthals as well.”

Archaeologists have published a detail report regarding the cave and excavation in the Canadian Journal of Archaeology.

Source: University of Colorado

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