NEC Making Suitcase-sized DNA Analyzer

Earlier we have seen a lot of work of NEC. Now we have found another news of NEC. At present NEC is working on a suitcase-sized DNA analyzer. According to NEC, this suitcase-sized DNA analyzer will be able to process samples at the scene of a crime or disaster in 25 minutes.

Suitcase-sized DNA Analyzer

The weight of this suitcase-sized DNA analyzer will be 77 pound (35 kg) and measuring 850 mm x 552 mm x 240 mm (about 33.46 x 21.73 x 240 inches). The DNA analyzer will run on a 12V power source. First it will extract DNA from samples from the scene of a crime or disaster, amplify the DNA for analysis, and then it will separate out the different DNA strands. And to do this all, suitcase-sized DNA analyzer will take no more than 25 minutes. According to NEC, this suitcase-sized DNA analyzer will cost around US$120,000 and is expected to be available in 2014.

NEC spokesperson Marita Takahashi said, “At first we will target investigative organizations, like police. We will also push its use on victims of natural disasters, to quickly match samples from siblings and parents.”

Source : NEC (PDF)
Thanks To : PCWorld

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