New Medical Breakthrough Can Cure Back Pain Without An Operation

Back pain is one of the major medical issues around the globe. A huge portion of the populace in all countries around the globe suffer from it in its varying degrees of severity. While acute back pain is conventionally cured with an operation, scientists have discovered that it can also be possibly cured with the help of antibiotics.

Back pain

A research team at University of Southern Denmark has been working on the causes of back pain. During the course of their research, they discerned that a common microbe, Propionibacterium acnes, resides inside the slipped discs of back-pain patients. Since this microbe doesn’t need oxygen to survive, it thrives well between these slipped discs.

However, if a person has a slipped disc, blood vessels grow in the region so as to repair the damaged tissues. This blood flow brings the microbe a fresh supply of nutrients, due to which it is able to grow. Once it grows, it starts producing propionic acid which causes inflammation around the disc and may be one of the key reasons behind acute back pain.

This microbe is commonly found in human hair or teeth and can easily become a part of the bloodstream if a person swallows it. From there, it can eventually find a position in the slipped discs of the victim.

Thankfully, tackling this microbe is fairly easy. The research team found out that a three-month course of antibiotics was able to significantly kill off the microbes and patients who were suffering from back pain reported great recovery, citing the earliest signs of improvement within six to eight months.

The team is very hopeful that this breakthrough discovery can greatly help in mitigating the costs of treating back pain. Not only that, many other cures for back pain often don’t result in success. This new method has so far registered a great success rate. So it can be hoped that in the coming days, back pain will be more easily cured and through a far more inexpensive method.

Courtesy: The Guardian

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