Panasonic Will Broadcast Japanese Solar Eclipse On May 20th Using Solar-Power Batteries

Solar power is increasingly making encroaches into the tech world. Given the fact that it’s clean makes it very relevant to environmental ventures. That is precisely why Panasonic has announced to broadcast the May 20th solar eclipse live from Japan using batteries running on solar power.

The company plans on using HIT Solar Cells and its own rechargeable batteries to accomplish this feat. The first phase of the entire venture is to charge up rechargeable batteries using solar power. Next, these batteries will be carried to the summit of Mount Fuji, which happens to be the highest mountain in Japan.

Once these batteries are at the venue, a team from Panasonic will make all required arrangements to broadcast the eclipse live. The entire project will itself be also captured for an upcoming documentary on a related topic.

Although the core team comprises of some 15 personnel, the company is still looking for volunteers to help it aid in the entire project. The number of required volunteers is five and Panasonic is currently accepting applications from people in Japan. The deadline for the submission of application is April 24th. So if you happen to be in Japan and want to be a part of a unique and awesome venture, head straight here and fill in the application form. Panasonic also has a website dedicated to the venture.



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