Scientists Successfully Reverse Aging In Animals!

The search for a way of reversing the effects of aging has been the holy grail of medical science. Scientists in US have now made a huge victory to that end, successfully reversing the effects of muscular aging in mice.

Old age

The problem with aging is that it gradually erodes the DNA in our cells and also affects mitochondria. Mitochondria is effectively the power source within the cells, providing energy for our activities. Over the years, mitochondria is affected by aging and starts producing lower and lower amounts of energy. This is precisely why inability to do energy-consuming tasks is often correlated with aging.

Scientists believe that they have now successfully reversed such adverse aging effects on mitochondria. During the course of the research, the researchers attempted to raise NAD levels in mice. This was done by injecting the mice with such chemicals which their bodies converted into NAD.

Once the older mide had higher levels of NAD, many of their body indicators showed that they were young yet again. For instance, the muscles of two year old mice became the same as those of a six month old in terms of energy production, resistance to insulin and muscle wasting.

However, this can’t be hailed as the final solution to human aging. That’s because aging is affected by a whole lot of factors and lower energy production is only one of them. While the scientists certainly seem to have found a solution to reversing the affects of aging on mitochondria, a lot more needs to be done before it can be finally claimed that humans can reverse old age into youth again.

Courtesy: BBC



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