Soon Dentists Will Be Able To Diagnose Cancer At Early Stage

In a paper published in the Journal of the American Dental Association it’s been mentioned by Dr. David Wong from UCLA’s School of Dentistry that, salivary diagnostics (also know as Salivaomics) could become a vital resource to detect various health problems like autoimmune diseases, diabetes and even cancer at an early stage. Check the details inside.

Dentists May Diagnose Cancer

UCLA researcher Dr. David Wong mentions that saliva lives in human body. Human saliva is made up of complex molecules. In those complex molecules doctors or dentists may find the germs or elements from proteins to DNA to RNA that might slew other supporting characters of Saliva. However after identifying those complex molecules, researchers can apply scientific tools on those complex molecules to detect various health problems.

As 20% of people have found their dentist performing at their best to resist pain and finding the best solution for that particular disease, so it’ll help dentists detecting common ailments as well as diagnosing Cancer by looking at human Saliva.

Source : UCLA
Thanks To : PopSci



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