Suffering From Electronic Insomnia? Some Tips May Help You Get Rid Of It

With the encroachment of modern technology, insomnia seems to have been on the rise. While many people blame their overtly occupied work schedule for this inconvenience, the truth might essentially lie elsewhere! Popular sources and studies claim that your endless suffering throughout the night might have been a trick played by your smartphone, laptop or tablet that you hold so dear to your life!

Suffering From Electronic Insomnia

Our smartphones and tablets are notorious for emitting a special blue light, which stimulates certain receptors within our brain, which in turn hinders the secretions of a hormone called Melatonin. This hormone is associated with several functions of our body, and is an alleged contributor to our sleeping habit. When the production of this hormone is prohibited, our body finds it difficult to fall asleep, which we know as ‘insomnia‘ in simpler a term. In cases where the problem is aroused by an electronic device, the condition is referred as ‘electronic insomnia.


Although many of us are already aware of the fact, we can barely restrain from checking our email or the happenings in social networking websites. Smartphones, tablets, and even laptop computers essentially connect us to the world outside, and are equally important in managing some of our very important day-to-day tasks. In such circumstances, if anyone asks you to stay away from those gadgets, the suggestion sure is enough to drive you up the wall!


So, why should you stay away from these? You should, because sleeping habit is an important aspect of the metabolism, and is greatly intertwined with the welfare of your body and psyche. Poor sleeping habit tends to lead to digestion problems, lack of concentration, disorientation of mind and even Alzheimer’s disease!


If you are convinced, here are some tips for you on how to work on the restraining method. Check them out!

  1. Try to wrap up all your work before you have your dinner. The ideal time for that would be eight in the evening.
  2. Try to be less dependent on your phone. Create and stock documents and presentation slides on your computer. Try to keep a separate notebook for recording your expenses and savings. Go for actual post-it notes rather than virtual ones. You get the idea!
  3. A majority of smartphone users use their phones as alarm clocks, and this is probably one of the biggest reasons of our insomnia. You know the phone is lying on the bed within one feet of your reach, and you will always feel tempted on grab it and surf online. Remember that one moment spent staring at that screen equals to several minutes of sleepless nights. Imagine what it would do to you if you surf for, say, twenty minutes? So, get a real alarm-clock replacing this makeshift one!
  4. Log out of all social networking websites before you sleep. That will bar the ‘pings’ that you keep receiving throughout the day, and will ensure better sleep at night.
  5. If the previous step becomes impossible for you to implement, learn to keep your phone switched off, or at least, on flight mode while you sleep.


Remember, you have to take care of your health. And whether you want to implement the aforementioned advises to your life entirely depends on you. But next time you pick up that phone of yours in the middle of night, stop for a second and ponder on the bright and happy future that awaits you, and decide whether a few stealthy moments with those gadgets are truly worth it.

Sources: Newsmax Health, Lighting

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