BBC Scared Of Taking Live Calls From Aliens

Many of us have treated the notion that there may be aliens out there on other planets. However, apparently the idea of actually talking to them live is not very dear to the folks at BBC. After all, they can utter a whole lot of politically incorrect things which may not be suitable for a live audience.

BBC Stargazing Live

Professor Brian Cox is a very well-known particle physicist. He is also a TV presenter who has been working with BBC for a while. During one of his shows, the amateurs who were present were able to discover a new planet which was then termed ‘Threapleton Homles D.’

Cox wanted to direct a radio telescope at this new planet in a live show and see if there were any aliens on that planet trying to contact with them. We do sincerely hope that these aliens will have good things to say to us such as exchanging pleasantries and asking us how we are holding up but then, we can never be sure.

And thus, BBC folks trashed the idea, not taking the risk of taking a live call from a totally unknown entity. Their considerations of they risk are very valid indeed. Later, a BBC spokesperson said on the matter, “In making the series there were many lighthearted conversations, one of which was about how different organizations might react to the discovery of alien life.”

As intriguing as this may sound, the folks at BBC were just having a good time, as it transpired. So there go our hopes of taking pre-emptive measures against alien free speech. Sigh.

Source: Daily Mail

Courtesy: CNET

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