[Infographic] See The Snapshot Of Earth’s Neighborhood Exoplanets

Space is filled with stars, planets, satellites (natural and artificial), asteroids, meteoroids, comets, exoplanets, black holes and many more unknown things. Therefore, space has made many people curious to know its secrets. However, there are many people who want to know the Earth’s neighborhood exoplanets. Lately, webcomic xkcd has revealed an infographic, showing the snapshot of Earth’s neighborhood exoplanets.

Earth's Exoplanet Neighbors

So far we know that there are 8 planets in space, but the inforgraphic shows there are outnumbered planets in space beyond the 8 planets. According to the inforgraphic, the Earth is marked as a ‘small circle’ within a ‘White circle’. You can see that there are outnumbered planets in space surrounding Earth, of which many are even many times bigger than the Earth. The infographic shows all exoplanets within 60 light years of Earth that sit in a habitable, or “Goldilocks” zone: not too close, and not too far from a star.

Unfortunately, the infographic doesn’t give us a sense of distance or position. But still it can be easily understood that the actual distance between these exoplanets is huge.

Source: xkcd

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