NASA Scientists Discovered Mysterious ‘Magic Island’ On Saturn’s Moon

Earlier by taking some amazing images of Saturn and its Moons, NASA’s spacecraft Cassini revealed fabulous details of them. And now some more photos taken by Cassini have helped NASA scientists discovering a mysterious island on Saturn’s moon. The very interesting thing is scientists are calling this island ‘Magic Island.’

Magic Island On Saturn's Moon

Last year, while Cassini was moving around the Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, it snapped some photos of the moon and then sent back to NASA scientists. While analyzing the photos, scientists spotted an object on a giant lake on Titan in a photo. Scientists began to call that spotted area an ‘island.’ But now Cassini has sent some new images of that place.

After analyzing those pictures, NASA scientists have discovered that there is no island. And that’s why, NASA scientists are calling this island “Magic Island.’ On the other side, NASA scientists have failed to point out why the island has been disappeared. So this island is also being called a ‘mysterious’ island.

Jason Hofgartner, a planetary scientist at Cornell University in New York has said, “We can’t be sure what it is yet because we only have the one image, but it’s not something you would normally see on Titan. It is not something that has been there permanently. We don’t know precisely what caused this ‘magic island’ to appear, but we’d like to study it further.

NASA scientists believe that the spotted object was an iceberg that broke free of the shoreline, an effect of rising bubbles, or waves rolling across the normally placid lake’s surface.

John Zarnecki, a professor of space science at the Open University has said, “The observations with Cassini’s radar are close to the limit of sensitivity so hard to interpret. But they do seem to be the first sign of something going on in the sea. Is it floating solids or erupting gas bubbles from below or wave action? We just don’t know. The one thing we can say with certainty is that we just have to go back to Titan.”

Courtesy: The Guardian

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  1. Jabed Ahmed

    Aahaa.? Thats not true… Dont try to make us fool….

  2. The Tech Journal

    Jabed Ahmed, nobody is trying to make you fool; rather it it you who is making yourself a great fool!!! The report says that it is NASA and Cassini (the spacecraft) who discovered it. And the island is now vanished, hence being called “Magic Island” Read the entire news first and then do comment with credential proof, if you think the news fake. Thank you. B|

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