Mice And Lizards Returned To Earth After 1 Month Tour In Space

Earlier we have seen an Iranian monkey visiting space. Lately, we have come to know that after spending a month in space, a herd of mice and other rodents have returned to Earth last Sunday, May 19. It was the very first time that animals have spent so much time in space on their own.

Rocket Carrying Mouse

On April 19, 2013, a Russian space capsule named Bion-M No.1 set off towards space carrying 53 mice and lizards. The capsuleā€™s orbit was at 575 kilometers (345 miles) above Earth. According to scientists, sending those animals towards space was an experiment of testing the effects of weightlessness and other factors of space flight on cell structure.


On May 19, the animals returned to the Earth at a planned field near Orenburg, about 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) Southeast of Moscow. Though all 15 of the lizards survived, unfortunately only half of the mice survived the flight.

Source: Washington Post

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