NANO1: World’s Smallest Astronomy Camera – Just Got Smaller

Space has always been a subject of fascination for humans. From the beginning of our civilization, humans have tried to understand the workings of the space, sometimes by trying to observe it through naked eye and at other times sending probes into the unknown Milky Way. But with technological breakthroughs we have reached a point in history when anyone can take up Astro-Photography as a hobby.

Astro-photography means taking pictures of the various objects in our skies. It includes Milky Way, nighttime landscapes, deep-sky astro-photography and so on.

Digital Camera, more specifically DSLRs can be used for Astor-Photography. However, you would also need to buy a Telescope for capturing long-distance objects in the space. Currently, there are several Cameras built solely for the purpose of taking Space pictures. These cameras are perfect for long exposure deep-sky imaging. But nothing matches Nano 1.

NANO1 astronomy camera is the perfect tool for anyone wanting to start Astro-Photography as a profession or as a hobby. Why? We can’t expect anyone who is new to this form of photography to know about all the constellations out there. Thus they might even not know where to point their cameras at. But NANO1 has a solution to this. This camera comes with Augmented Reality Star Map which works as the perfect guide for Astro-Photography. All you need to do is, download and install its companion app. Once the App is on your smartphone, just point it at the sky and you will receive real-time guide on the different constellations out there. Moreover, Nano1 is the lightest camera out there. It weighs less than 100g (3.5 oz). This is lighter than the lightest of DSLRs out there. In fact, some professional tripods weigh more than that.

Wrapping Up!

Who would want to take up Astro-Photography as a hobby, if they could not share their captures with their friends? NANO1 understands this. That is why it comes with a Patented Noise Reduction Algorithm, which works to fine-tune your captures. Also, NANO1 pairs with Android and iOS to let you share your images with your friends and family on social media. No computers, card readers nor pesky adapters required.

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