Private Companies Join Hands To Place A Telescope On The Moon

Earlier we reported that space agencies are planning to construct permanent base on the Moon. Lately what we have come know that is two private companies named International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA) and Moon Express have joined together to place a telescope on the Moon.

International Lunar Observatory

The ILOA and Moon Express plan to place the telescope named International Lunar Observatory, a 2-meter radio antenna, at the Moon’s sunny South Pole as early as 2015. The telescope will be placed to observe the galaxy without the interference of Earth’s atmosphere, which absorbs some kinds of radiation. The preliminary mission with a smaller telescope will be launched in 2015. The full observatory will arrive there in 2016. Its access and controls will be available via the Internet to the general public, as well as researchers.

Apart from this, Moon Express will also send a small rover to prospect for resources, including metals, minerals and water, that could be extracted from the lunar surface.

Source: Moon Express
Thanks To:  Wired

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