SpaceX’s Falcon 9R Rocket Explodes After Launch, Reason Malfunction

SpaceX has seen so many successes in launching rockets as test flight. But last Friday, one of SpaceX’s Falcon 9R rocket has seen an explosion over Texas during a test flight. According to SpaceX engineers, the explosion occurred due to malfunction.


The Falcon 9R rocket is a successor to the Falcon 9 (nick named Grasshopper). This Falcon 9R rocket has successfully delivered the Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2012. However, last Friday, SpaceX decided to launch the Falcon 9R rocket into air as a test flight. The agency even successfully launched it into the air, but few seconds later, it exploded because of malfunction. To be more specific, the rocket destroyed itself after detecting an internal fault.

SpaceX said in a statement, “During the flight, an anomaly was detected in the vehicle and the flight termination system automatically terminated the mission.”

Note that, Falcon 9R rocket was unmanned and SpaceX has confirmed that there were “no injuries or near injuries.” Here is the video of the explosion of Falcon 9R rocket.

Source: SpaceX (Twitter)

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  1. Marc Borland

    So, the reason was a malfunction? At least it wasn’t planned that way then.

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