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FBI Takes Down 27 Websites Of Tor Network

This is not new that Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) often takes down websites that they want. The latest news is lately, FBI has found some of the hidden servers of TOR and hence, it has taken down 27 websites. Tor wants to know how FBI found it, but the agency is not revealing that.

FBI Not Happy With Apple And Google’s Encryption Policy

Apple and Google have revealed that they will enable encryption by default on your smartphones and tablets. It means neither company will know your smartphone's or tablet's passcode. And this has made FBI very much disappointed as the agency will not be able to get any peoples' data unless their data is stored in the cloud.

FBI Controlled Tor Servers To Launch Mass Malware Attack

Last year in July, FBI was able to gain control of the servers of Freedom Hosting. Once the agency had access, it was able to gather data on the hosting company, over suspicions that it was helping in child pornography. Yesterday, FBI has publicly admitted for the first time that it did indeed control Freedom Hosting's servers.
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