Anonymous Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond Handed Down 10-Year Prison Sentence

Back in 2011, the hacktivist group Anonymous hacked Stratfor and leaked a treasure-trove of documents and emails showing the often-illicit and extensive work of Stratfor. Being a big fish, Stratfor has pulled all the strings it could and now, Anonymous hacktivist Jeremy Hammond has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for being a part of the hack.

Jeremy Hammond

Stratfor emails caused a worldwide frenzy because they talked about individuals such as Barrack Obama as well entire countries. Apparently, people from intelligence community to journalists to government officials and more were paid by Stratfor to furnish information for the company.

The company then used this information to provide strategic advice on different issues. In these leaked emails, for instance, Israeli PM Benjamin Nentanyahu was revealed to speak rather roughly about President Obama. Similarly, they also showed the exact names of journalists, analysts and government officials who had been on Stratfor’s pay roll.

Naturally, as soon as the leak happened, FBI was out for a witch hunt. The agency needed someone to blame it on and make that person an example so that no one else would ever dare to cross a well-connected company like Stratfor again. So through a complex trap, an FBI informant played Jeremy Hammond, ending up in Hammond’s arrest.

A court has now slapped Hammond with a 10 year prison sentence. This is the maximum sentence that could’ve been given in this case. In other words, the government, FBI and the judiciary have done their best to ensure that the worst possible punishment is dished out to Hammond for an act which only revealed the global hypocrisy of our leaders and our intelligence community.

Courtesy: TechCrunch


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