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Miilo: A Special Bi-cycle That Fits Kids Even After They Grow Up

During childhood, most of the kids (specially the boys) prefer to have a bi-cycle. But the bi-cycles start becoming obsolete as soon as the kids grow up gradually. In other words, the height of the bi-cycles become shorter in terms of their height. But now, there’s a new bi-cycle called Miilo that will fit to the kids even after they grow up.

Bicyclist Sets A World Speed Record Of 163 MPH!

How fast do you think a bicyclist can go while riding a bicycle? 50 mph ...? 93 mph ...? 127 mph ...? Nothing is impossible. But French cyclist François Gissy has broken the land speed record on a bicycle by attaching a hydrogen-peroxide rocket to the frame and reached to a top speed of 163 mph (263 kmph)!
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