See An Origami Bi-cycle That Can Be Folded Into Size Of An Umbrella

An engineer, with a passion for making life better, more convenient, and fun, founded Origami Bicycle Company in 2011. The goal of this company is to provide its customers with great products that meet their biking desires as well as their lifestyle needs. Lately, the company has come up with an idea to make such origami bike that could be folded like an umbrella!

Origami Bike That Can Be Folded Like An Umbrella

Origami folding bikes are engineered to provide the function of conventional bicycles, with the added advantage of the ability to fold for easy transportation and storage. The important pre-condition to be a folding is its wheels – which should be minimum twenty-inch in dimension of the bike when folded. These smaller wheels provide incredible maneuverability and stability while allowing the rider to conquer any terrain.

Origami Folding Bi-cycle

However, an Italian person named Gianluca Sada has designed an origami bi-cycle which has folding wheels, and a hub instead of a chain, and which can be folded into a package, the same size as an umbrella. The wheels of this origami bi-cycle have no spokes. Rather the rider has to drive the rims directly with no hub.

Origami Folding Bi-cycle - 1

In order to fold the bi-cycle, just a single move is needed. Riders can carry this folding bi-cycle on their back and it they can also use it as a backpack.

Origami Bike That Can Be Folded Like An Umbrella - 1

Inventor Gianluca Sada has mentioned that he first came up with the idea after being “disappointed with current folding bike designs.” he also said that he wanted his machine not only to have full sized 26-inch wheels, but also a frame and components that can fold.

A Rider With An Origami Folding Bi-cycle

And finally after dozens of prototypes, he has successfully developed the current bike, which includes wheels with no spokes, and a design small enough to be used as a backback. The working prototype has already been tested in cities around the world. Here’s a video for you of this bi-cycle.

Sada believes the “project may pave the way for a new system of mobility outside the classical schemes, widely accessible and easily transportable”. Now he is looking for an investor who would help him produce the machine.

Courtesy: Daily Mail



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