Miilo: A Special Bi-cycle That Fits Kids Even After They Grow Up

During childhood, most of the kids (specially the boys) prefer to have a bi-cycle. But the bi-cycles start becoming obsolete as soon as the kids grow up gradually. In other words, the height of the bi-cycles become shorter in terms of their height. But now, there’s a new bi-cycle called Miilo that will fit to the kids even after they grow up.


Miilo has been developed by industrial designer Andreas Bhend. It is basically a learning bike for kids.

Miilo Learning Bike

And after they learn how to ride a bike/bi-cycle completely, the bike turns into a bicycle.

Miilo From Bike To Bi-cycle

Miilo is made for the kids whose age are in between 2.5 and 7 years. First the kids can train themselves balance with the trainer bike. Later the trainer bike can be converted into a bicycle with one gear.

Miilo Becoming A Bi-cycle

At the front brake, the bicycle has a back pedal brake. Besides, the handlebar, the saddle and the frame can be extended more than by common bicycles.

Front Brake

Undoubtedly, this bike cum bi-cycle Miilo can be very much helpful to parents saving their money. On the other side, Bhend is currently looking for investors to help produce the bike, and may try crowdfunding. Here’a video of Miilo.

Source: Coroflot

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