The Griffin “MouthStick Stylus” Helps The Disabled Operate Tablets

Those people who are living with some sort of physical disability like the loss of limbs or being unable to use them due to stroke or paralysis, or a serious injury to the spinal column as a result of an automobile crash or other accident, will be pleased to know that the world has not forgotten about them when it comes to using touchscreen devices. Griffin Technology, makers of a slew of iPhone accessories and other gear, has announced Mouthstick, a capacitive touchscreen stylus for people who can't use their hands. Details inside.

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Ben Heck Enhances Two Xbox 360 Accessibility Controller Mods

In the latest episode of The Ben Heck Show, master video game console modder Benjamin J. Heckendorn creates an Xbox 360 controller for folks that can't bring their hands together in front of their bodies and the modder extraordinaire creates two different Xbox 360 remotes, a split model for those with limited arm motion, and a one-handed version for people with use of only one set of digits.............

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Affordable Eye-Tracking Tablet

Students create affordable eye-tracking tablet for the disabled users and disabled users have long been able to control computers with just the flick of an eye, but those hardware and software packages are prohibitively expensive.The system was created as part of a partnership with EyeTech Digital Systems which plans to market the devices in parts of the world where other eye-tracking solutions are unaffordable...........

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Tobii PCEye

Tobii PCEye brings hands-free control to any PC and can't see eye-to-eye with Macs.Tobii PCEye is a USB device that uses a VESA mount to hang below LCDs sized between 15- to 20-inches.The new Tobii PCEye is an easy to use, stand-alone eye-tracking device that can be used with most personal computers and it is quick to set up, highly accurate and provides total control of your computer using only your eyes.........

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Apple Has Dropped Jailbreak Detection API in the iOS 4.2.1 Firmware

Network World has reported that an API that was initially introduced in the first iOS4 firmware; to detect if an iDevice had been jailbroken, has now been removed in the iOS4.2.1 firmware.This API was actually used in some applications like AirWatch or Sybase’s Afaria, to detect for unauthorized modifications to the iDevice’s filesystem. With this API gone, developers who have previously implemented this API will need to get creative and create their own solution to checking for if an iDevice has been jailbroken.

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