The Griffin “MouthStick Stylus” Helps The Disabled Operate Tablets

Those people who are living with some sort of physical disability like the loss of limbs or being unable to use them due to stroke or paralysis, or a serious injury to the spinal column as a result of an automobile crash or other accident, will be pleased to know that the world has not forgotten about them when it comes to using touchscreen devices. Griffin Technology, makers of a slew of iPhone accessories and other gear, has announced Mouthstick, a capacitive touchscreen stylus for people who can’t use their hands. Details inside.

MouthStick Stylus

People who have physical disabilities may find the MouthStick Stylus a useful tool for interacting with tablets. The MouthStick Stylus is designed to be held in the mouth using a food-grade stainless steel mouthpiece. That mouthpiece has latex free silicone rubber sleeves to protect the teeth. The shaft of the stylus is long and curved like a gooseneck and tipped with a conductive silicone tip. The MouthStick Stylus will help the impaired manipulate controls on touchscreens and buttons, without much trouble. The stylus is compatible with touchscreen interfaces, laptop keyboards and even Apple’s Magic Trackpad.

MouthStick Stylus - 1
MouthStick Stylus - 2
MouthStick Stylus - 3
MouthStick Stylus - 4
MouthStick Stylus - 5

The MouthStick Stylus will ship in Q2 for $29.99 (USD) with replacement mouthpiece sleeves and silicone rubber tips available for a small charge.

Source: Griffin Technology

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