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FBI Not Happy With Apple And Google’s Encryption Policy

Apple and Google have revealed that they will enable encryption by default on your smartphones and tablets. It means neither company will know your smartphone's or tablet's passcode. And this has made FBI very much disappointed as the agency will not be able to get any peoples' data unless their data is stored in the cloud.

Secure Your Dropbox Files With Qi

Dropbox is used by many users to store their documents and other files in cloud storage. However, once these files are stored in Dropbox, it is only natural to wonder how secure they are. Now you can add an extra layer of security by using Qi, a secure token that automatically encrypts all your Dropbox files before uploading them.

Long Passwords May Lead To DoS Attacks

For long, security researchers have preached longer passwords because the odds of cracking them are less than shorter passwords. However, now it has been revealed that longer passwords come with the risk of possible DoS attacks, especially if no specific password length is maintained by the web service.
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