Life Of George iPhone Interactive Game Set

LEGO is jumping into the mobile gaming arena with its first product that combines both software and bricks directly and the Life of George is LEGO's newest building set, a collection of 144 LEGO bricks and a mobile game that lets you build different LEGO models and take pictures of them on your smartphone. Lego Life Of George iPhone interactive game set will be available to purchase from the 1st October from the online Lego Store for $29.99 and an Android version of the Lego app is currently being considered by Lego but no release date has been announced.The $30 kit promises 12 levels featuring 10 photos each, and varying difficulty levels, there's a two player game and a creation mode which lets you create playable models out of your own snapshots..................

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Facebook Hired iPhone Hacker Geohot

Jailbreaker George Hotz, better known as Geohot has started working at Facebook and Joshua Hill (P0sixninja) recently mentioned in an interview that Geohot is trying to avoid the limelight after his legal battle with Sony and is concentrating on his day job at Facebook. It is unclear what his role is at Facebook and he must working on something related to Facebook’s apps for iPhone. Hotz was sued by Sony after the jailbreaker created a custom firmware for the PS3 using a root key, but now Hotz is no longer able to have a PSN account or ever modify any Sony devices..........

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Rumour:Rubyra1n Geohot’s Next Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1

The possible name of the next possible GeoHot Jailbreak … Rubyra1n.George, seems to register this domain, in the same way that registered limera1n take many months before the jailbreak.For folks who are not familiar with GeoHot, he is the first person to jailbreak iPhone and he is the man behind Blackra1n Jailbreak & BlackSn0w Unlock, Limera1n Jailbreak and PS2 Jailbreak.

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