Facebook Hired iPhone Hacker Geohot

Jailbreaker George Hotz, better known as Geohot has started working at Facebook and Joshua Hill (P0sixninja) recently mentioned in an interview that Geohot is trying to avoid the limelight after his legal battle with Sony and is concentrating on his day job at Facebook. It is unclear what his role is at Facebook and he must working on something related to Facebook’s apps for iPhone. Hotz was sued by Sony after the jailbreaker created a custom firmware for the PS3 using a root key, but now Hotz is no longer able to have a PSN account or ever modify any Sony devices……….


George Hotz, the infamous iPhone hacker and the victim of a recent Sony lawsuit, now works at Facebook. A member of the Chronic-Dev Team named Joshua Hill, known as P0sixninja said this in a recent interview and challenged GeoHot to find a bootrom exploit for the iPad2 and also this news quickly spread on Twitter. In the interview, Joshua said the George was mad at him because he doesn’t want that much attention, after being sued by Sony and backed out of the challenge to work at his day job… at Facebook. Geohot has yet to say anything, after the Sony lawsuit, he blogged for a while then completely MIA. This does all add up because Facebook has confirmed they are working on an iPad app, when before they said they were not going to do one at all. Gabe Rivera of Techmeme in a tweet found Geohot’s page at Facebook.com/Geohot and the first post at the top of page says” is Facebook is really an amazing place to work…first hackathon over.” Geohot also found out that he started in May and announced it to his Facebook friends on June 17, 2011.


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