Skully AR-1 Augmented Reality Helmet Lets Rider Have Rear And Side View

A motorcyclist can't see his behind through a helmet while riding a bike. But Silicon Valley company Skully is going to make a helmet called AR-1 augmented reality helmet, that will come with voice-controlled heads-up display (HUD) and provide rear and side view video and more.

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The US Army Testing Halo Like Helmets!

The US Army has always considered providing the best gadgets and things to its soldiers for work and their protection. Earlier we have seen helicopter pilots of the US Army getting wearable computers and an exceptional face paint that protects soldiers’ skin from bomb blasts. And now, the US Army is testing cutting edge, Halo video game like helmets.

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Be A Temporary Surgeon With ‘CAMDASS’ Device

Researchers have been trying to invent such thing that will help to complete the surgery with ease, if there is no doctor available. Recently, researchers at the European Space Agency (ESA) have created such amazing technology named Computer Assisted Medical Diagnosis And Surgery System (CAMDASS) that will assist in minor surgeries. This is a head-wearable device which will give the wearer specific guidelines and instructions, which means, anyone can become a temporary soctor.

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Angel Bicycle Helmet

Forget about the circle of life – this is the circle of light that is known as the Angel Bicycle Helmet. This bicycle helmet that lights up like a halo. The Angel Bicycle Helmet not only protects your noggin from injury with its polycarbonate shell, it’s got a 360-degree ring of LED and fiber-optic encircling your head.

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Wearable LEGO Minifig Helmet

Lego іѕ perhaps thе greatest οf аƖƖ geek toys еνеr invented. Designer Jonathan Robson has designed something that is Lego, but is not made from Lego bricks, which is more than a bit strange sounding. He says that the comics helped him to learn to read so he set about creating something for kids today that would make them want to learn to read.

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