Angel Bicycle Helmet

Forget about the circle of life – this is the circle of light that is known as the Angel Bicycle Helmet. This bicycle helmet that lights up like a halo. The Angel Bicycle Helmet not only protects your noggin from injury with its polycarbonate shell, it’s got a 360-degree ring of LED and fiber-optic encircling your head.

Firebox claim that six in ten road accidents involving cycling take place after 4pm and that poor visibility of riders ranks higher than rush-hour traffic as a factor behind that. They go on to say that while lights fitted to your bike can be obscured by vehicles in heavy traffic, there’s no such problem with the circle of LEDs fitted to the Angel Bicycle Helmet. The lights can be set to always-on, or flashing.

Although the helmet is said to comply with EU safety standards, the legality of sporting a ring of light that around your noggin is debatable. Technically, flashing front LEDs are illegal, although you’re not going to be pulled over for it. Equally, rear lights should be red, the reasoning partly being that a white rear light can confuse other road users.

The helmet is rechargeable from your PC using a retractable USB cord, although you’d probably want to remove it first, and is available in one size covering 54-61cm.

The market for the device, of course, isn’t going to be experienced roadies, but urban cyclists, possibly those new to cycle commuting, who want to make themselves as visible as they can to other road users. What it can’t do though is replace learning to ride assertively and claim your place in traffic to begin with.

You can find the Angel Bicycle Helmet over at Firebox for £49.99 (appx. $83 USD).


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