Be A Temporary Surgeon With ‘CAMDASS’ Device

Researchers have been trying to invent such thing that will help to complete the surgery with ease, if there is no doctor available. Recently, researchers at the European Space Agency (ESA) have created such amazing technology named Computer Assisted Medical Diagnosis And Surgery System (CAMDASS) that will assist in minor surgeries. This is a head-wearable device which will give the wearer specific guidelines and instructions, which means, anyone can become a temporary doctor.

The CAMDASS device will be the best for urgent surgery while no doctors are found or available. Any human being can handle the emergency situation with the help of CAMDASS. The helmet is pre-loaded with basic medical information. The helmet guides you to identify what type of surgery is needed based on symptoms and ailments of the patients. While doing the surgery, the helmet will provide instruction and information through Augmented Reality in order to do the surgery perfectly. This guidance will provide guidance tthe untrained users to perform Ultrasound procedures. The helmet’s entire system is self-contained. Currently CAMDASS is in prototype phase. Check out the video below.

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Source : The Verge, Motherboard



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