WB150F 14 Megapixel Camera From Samsung Is Available

With a 24mm Wide angle lens the Samsung WB150F 14 Megapixel camera can give you a whole new experience. Specialized in both indoor and outdoor environments the camera can shoot still images with 14+ megapixels and shoot 720p HD video. The 18x optical zoom makes you able to shoot long distance objects precisely.

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Samsung’s New HMX-Q10 HD Camcoder for CES

Samsung has announced the launch of a latest model camcoder for CES naming as HMX-Q10.The HMX-Q10 is designed to make recording top-quality video simpler than ever, combining new easy to use features with full HD in an affordable package.It is equipped with an innovative new Switch Grip (both Handed Grip) technology that able to recognize how the Samsung Q10 is being held (left or right handed – even at difficult shooting positions), and turns the LCD screen accordingly (with the help of built-in G-magnetic sensor) for easy recording experience.

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Samsung GX20 DSLR Camera

Samsung America getting ready to release its new GX-20 DSLR camera. The camera sports 14.6 megapixel resolution, 2.7-inch LCD that support for Live View Mode, CMOS image sensor, 14-bit RAW images and can achieve ISO 6400. Furthermore, this water and dust resistant camera also offers a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000, improved dust removal system, and the Lens compatible with of Pentax, KAF2, KAF as well as KA.....

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