3D Printed Dress Exposes A Person’s Skin As Its Wearer Shares On Social Media

It goes without saying that we have more control over what we exhibit on our bodies than what we share online. Lately, researchers have unveiled a smart dress that reveals more skin as its wearer shares on social media.


x.pose is a wearable technology project created by Pedro Oliveira and Xuedi Chen that explores the balance between physical and digital exposure through a 3D-printed dress that reveals more and more pieces of the wearer’s skin as he/she consumes and produces more data. In response to our lack of privacy control and open data emissions that are hyper-exploitable, researchers have designed such a dress.


In order to produce the dress, the designers first built a mobile app and server to collect the wearer’s smartphone data over a month, using Node.js and PhoneGap. The recorded data set is then fed into processing to produce the pattern and exported to Rhino to make the 3D mesh. The designers have done lots of experimentation at this stage to find the right material that would be both flexible and durable.


The app and server use real-time data to control the mesh fabric and change the level of transparency depending on the level of data. The more information that is “passively generated” via Facebook posts or tweets, the mesh becomes more visualized and the more the wearer’s skin is exposed.

According to the designers, “There currently exists a paradox in our internet culture. As a generation, we are simultaneously obsessed with publicity and privacy. While we publish and post details about our lives online, at the same time we demand the most advanced privacy protection software. An unprecedented degree of potential exposure comes with the current mode of existence.”

Here’s a video of the 3D printed dress and the technology.

Courtesy: CNET
Thanks To: Daily Mail

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