AltSchool Is A Startup That Offers Tech-Enabled Primary Education

A number of sectors and industries have gone increasingly technological over the last few years. The education sector, however, has been slow to catch up. AltSchool aims to take care of that by offering the first ever truly tech-enabled primary education.


In the past, small portions of the educational process have been perked up with technology. These include introducing tablets in the schools, offering a more automated classroom environment and some changes to the curriculum. AltSchool takes all these improvements to the far end by offering a brilliant combination of classroom technologies and the corresponding methods and techniques.

The initiative is founded by Max Ventilla and currently, it has only 20 enrolled students aged between 5 and 10. The curriculum in this school is defined by the notion that everyone has a different skill level towards different subjects. Based on this, the school has created highly customized ‘playlists’ for the students. These playlists contain a syllabus which is adopted to the specific skill set of each individual student.

Explaining why he felt the need for such a startup, Ventilla says, ‘If a time traveler came back from the early 1900s, and looked at schools, they would look relatively the same. And there‚Äôs something wrong with that, because children and our world have changed.’

While his approach is certainly unique and far better than the other pseudo-tech experimentation in education, it also raises question about the right age of technology for the kids. If kids are to depend upon on technology for their education from ages as young as give, it may affect their learning itself in many ways.

Source: AltSchool

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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