Is Apple Building an Health Chip?

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According to reports, Apple is developing an ASIC Health Chip that can make better sense of Health Data. It can also be used to make a better interpretation of biometric data.

Health Chip

Who Broke The News?

According to CNBC, Apple recently published new job postings for their firm. After analyzing the Job Description, it was clear that Apple was, in fact, looking to hire fresh talent to develop a Chip aimed at processing health data.

One of the listings goes something like this.

We are looking for sensor ASIC architects to help develop ASICs for new sensors and sensing systems for future Apple products. We have openings for analog as well as digital ASIC architects

According to another listing, Apple is looking for people to build health sensors for use in their products. In fact, Apple has openings for both Analog and Digital ASIC architects.

However don’t get too excited as the listings have already been removed. This either means that Apple is done recruiting fresh talents or they are planning to back up from the project. However, the later one is very unlikely to be true.

How will it help?

If they can develop such an ASIC chip it can be used in both iPhone and Apple Watch. This would enable the devices to work more effectively with all the health and fitness Apps on Apple Store.

Health Chip

If Apple uses this chip in Apple Watch, it would not have to rely on an iPhone or other Apple products for analyzing biometric data. Which means Apple Watch, might become a standalone fitness device and a great one.

If Apple, in fact, develops such a CHIP, it would be very hard for its competitors to mimic the technology. And before its competitors can mimic the CHIP, Apple will move on to the next technological breakthrough.

Wrapping Up!

Do share with us what price you are ready to pay for an Apple Watch with specialized ASIC chip. In the meantime here is a quick blog on Apple’s Plan For Dual SIM iPhone!

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