Apple Confirms That It Has Acquired Anobit Technologies

There have been a lot of rumors that Apple was trying to acquire Anobit Technologies, an Israeli company. Anobit Technologies produces flash-memory drive, both for iPhone and iPad. In this latest update, Apple has confirmed that it has acquired the company. Steve Dowling, a spokesperson for Apple, said that he couldn’t disclose the plans of Apple regarding Anobit. It has been estimated that Apple sealed the deal at about $400 – $500 million.

Dowling said in his interview that Apple keeps buying small tech-companies from time to time. And that he can not reveal what are Apple’s plans regarding Anobit Technologies.This is Apple’s first venture into Israel. Analysts are saying that Apple made the move because it is afraid of losing it’s unique edge over competitors.

Another interesting aspect is that we recently reported that Apple is making hefty profits by selling NAND flash memory. And it is also the largest buyer of NAND flash memory, buying about 23% of the global production. One possibility can be that Apple intends to use Anobit to start producing NAND flash memory on its own. This would mean that while Apple is initially making ten times profit by selling NAND, this profit may well double.

Apple may also be contemplating the opening of a development centre in Israel. Israel is one of those countries in the world with largest per capita start-ups, so Apple may well be expanding it’s operations there to find some innovative solutions.

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