Apple Filed A Patent For Futuristic 3D Motion Control

Apple’s patents have been an important way to gauge what it is up to. A recent patent by Apple reveals that Apple has patented a new 3D motion control design that may be used in the displays of it’s future devices. Apple’s iPhone was the first device with an excellent, advanced touch user-interface. Since then, the interface has become a norm in many smartphones. This new technology, which has been patented by Apple, may well be the next big thing in display technologies.

The title of the patent Apple filed is ‘Sensor Based Display Environment.’ This 3D screen, which Apple has envisioned, will provide both eyes a different view. The view will be presented from the same screen but both eyes will perceive it differently. And that will a feel of a true 3-D screen.

Moreover, a 3D motion control would allow a user to navigate the phone with just one hand. This will be done by simply changing the orientation of the phone. Apple may build a number of controls about this motion-control phenomenon, so that a user will be able to accomplish a lot of things simply ┬áby changing the phone’s orientation.

A very interesting application of this phenomenon would be that, just by moving your iPhone around, you will be presented different screens on it’s display. For instance, when your iPhone is oriented towards the curtains, a different screen will be shown. And when you move it towards the TV or the ceiling, another screen comes up.

Also, a ‘snap to’ feature will allow a user to define a process or a feature. And then, whenever he shakes the phone, the phone is reset to that particularly process or function. This sure will speed up navigation to tools which are often used. For instance, you could ‘snap to’ camera in an instant. The patent was originally filed by Apple in July, 2010 and has been made public only now.

Image courtesy Yutaka Tsutano.

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