Apple Prepares New Sandy Bridge Thunderbolt iMacs

According to 9to5Mac, iMac and iMac component availability is becoming increasingly constrained indicating that Apple may soon update the desktop computer. Since Apple’s Tim Cook is basically some sort of Cylon when it comes to having exactly enough stock on-hand to match demand, that’s as much an unmistakeable sign that new hardware is coming as the heavens rending in twain to make way for a seraphim riding a flaming rhinoceros would be for the Apocalypse, or at the very least, the day the PlayBook outsells the iPad.

Tipsters in the United States have informed us that their iMac shipments are also very constrained. That’s not the full story though. Although actual iMac shipments are lacking, our U.S. tipsters report that actual iMac components are very constrained. The most constrained pieces right now are the current iMac’s graphics processors and hard drives. A lack of replacement components is also a good indication of an upcoming refresh.

Previous reports claim that new iMacs with faster, Sandy Bridge processing chips and Thunderbolt I/O ports are launching between late April and early May.

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