Apple Reportedly Working On A 17-Watt Mystery Product

According to reports, many hints indicate that Apple is working on a mysterious new product which consumes only 17-watt power supply. The power supply specifications are unique since they are more than that of a tablet but less than the adapter of a MacBook.

iPad adapter

In a recent report, Apple Insider stated, “People familiar with the matter say Apple just recently began the process of procuring low-cost components for the new 17-watt adapter. And while the exact nature of its parent product remains somewhat of an unknown, at least one person familiar with adapter’s design believes existing evidence points to be a portable product which could launch within the next 12 months.”

Talks of a ‘portable product’ is what makes it so interesting. With Samsung revving up with its Galaxy Gear, one would expect that Apple may pitch up a similar product of its own. So far, Apple hasn’t officially condoned any of the iWatch rumors, but it’s only a matter of time before the company creates a smartwatch of its own.

So does this 17-watt adapter belong to a smartwatch? That may not be so, given that the said adapter furnishes more power than that is required to juice up an iPad. Interestingly, the adapter is external and so far, Apple has used an external adapter only in highly portable devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPods.

There’s a possibility that this unique power supply is meant for one of the next-generation iPad slates. With the expected bump in resolution display, Apple would naturally need better adapters, but AppleInsider claims that this 17-watt gear is not meant for an iPad.

Source: Apple Insider

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