Apple Will Stream Live Paul McCartney Concert On iTunes, Apple TV

The content provided by Apple through iTunes is one of the major reasons why Apple is such a huge success. Moreover, this content also contains some cookies, the free content often offered by Apple through iTunes. The latest to add to this is the announcement by Apple that it will be streaming the Live Concert of Paul McCartney through a special, free video stream on both iTunes and Apple TV.

Apple has often streamed live content much to the delight of it’s users. The official Apple statement which formally announced this latest move stated,

“To celebrate the release of Paul McCartney’s latest album — available now — we’re streaming his exclusive performance at Capitol Studios on February 9 at 7 p.m. (PST). Watch the concert on iTunes on your computer, or stream it on your TV using your Apple TV — just choose iTunes Live from the Internet menu.”

Live streaming seems to come right to the heart of Apple’s iTunes, with Apple offering more and more live content for it’s audience, quite a lot of it for no charges. This is also perhaps Apple’s strategy to ramp up it’s efforts on the iTV front by telling the audience that it has the capability of bring live, exclusive content to their screens.

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