Asana’s Task Management Software Gains Widespread Traction In Tech World

Task management is increasingly becoming popular among individuals as well as organizations. Imagine a scenario where you could automate the management of whichever things you wanted to, for instance email, messages and a lot more. That’s precisely what Asana’s software enables a user to do. To its proud performance, Asana is already being used by tech world’s big wigs such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Rdio and others.

The good news for the common users is that the team behind the software has now released a REST API which would enable users to create their own interfaces and thus, make the management of their tasks look more appealing than the default interface. Using the software, users have been able to create a whooping 10 million tasks within five months and have completed four million of them, according to the co-founder of the company.

Justin Rosenstein, one of the co-founders, stated in a recent speech, ‘Asana is becoming the center of people’s work. Over 25% of weekly active users use the product ever single day, Monday through Friday. And 75% of the people who adopt Asana are retained.’

Rosenstein cited a very relevant example of Menlo Park biotech company called Emerald Therapeutics. The company was created by two leading scientists whose aim it was to eliminate disease. However, once they started the company, they had to spend nearly 100% of their managing the company and couldn’t squeeze out time to spend on research and ‘science.’ But with the adoption of Asana, their task management became so efficient that they were able to get back 75% of their time.

He also sounds very hopeful about the future of the company, and the software, ‘We see a future in which every organization on earth can coordinate their collective action perfectly, without effort, like a healthy brain. The Asana Project is about touching the heart of how people create together. The heart of how people self-actualize, help their fellow man, and manifest their potential.’

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