ASF Announces Citrix As The New Apache Platinum Sponsor

Recently, we reported that the Apache Software Foundation has promoted its Apache Rave project from incubation to a level up. At the heels of it, ASF has now announced that Citrix has joined the ranks of platinum sponsors for Apache, joining others such as Facebook,  Yahoo, Microsoft and Google. To get the Platinum membership, an organization is supposed to make a yearly donation of $100,000.

At the same same occasion, Citrix has also revealed its plans of relicensing GPLv3 CloudStack platform as version 3.0.1 under Apache 2.0 License. Citrix has plans of making it an actual Apache project, so for now it is trying to make it join the Apache incubator program. created CloudStack a while ago. It had been created as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), somewhat similar to a number of other platforms such as Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud and Simple Storage Service.

Back in 2011, Citrix acquired the company. It was then that it decided to unify the codebase, integrate it with OpenStack and then make it all public under GPLv3. According to the company, the community members have been increasingly interested in an Apache-licensed project, and that is why it has relicensed CloudStack. The members “for whatever reason are more apt to participate in an Apache-licensed project than a GPLv3 project.”

Now having been Apache-licensed, the CloudStack software of Citrix is available for download at the GitHub repository. 



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